Join us for a 7 month training in coaching and self mastery conducted online in community; it’s unlike training you've ever taken.

Befriend your Shadow:

~ to reach new levels of self-mastery

~ to better coach, manage and mentor

10th Dot Trainings combine several philosophies, your own innate wisdom and modern relationship tools to empower you in all areas of your life. Together, we delve into three fields of practice: personal and professional development, yogic philosophy and coaching skills.

Whether or not coach is your title, if you use

coaching to support others, you will expand

your skills and your impact with this training.

When you think of Shadow, or dark side, do you imagine it only pertaining to tyrannical leaders? Do so called defects such as competitiveness, arrogance or insensitivity come to mind?

Attempting to lead with compassion and avoid harming others, you may attempt to subdue your Shadow's tendencies. Yet Shadow can be channeled in healthy and powerful ways, giving you a partner to be more effective with others and more forgiving of your own learning edge.

Shadow, and its parent Ego, are normal and natural parts of every human being. What if denying, resisting or suppressing our Shadow (and by extension the shadows and egos of those around us) is truly disempowering?

When you are working with people, is your ego a partner or does it seem to intrude on your best intentions? Are you able to engage with others productively when their Shadow seems to be running the show?

In this training you will practice befriending shadow in safe company with other leaders, who also do their best to coach with integrity.

Wield influential power from empowerment.

10th Dot trainings enable you to use ego's power for lasting change. Our foundation is rooted in a unique systems approach in which you learn to skillfully engage your senses and primal instincts, build concentration, and integrate intuition. This curriculum is infused with the unique history and orientation of 10th Dot, a 45-year old consulting firm grounded in practical and predictably effective methods.

The signature curriculum created by the late 10th Dot founder, Yogiraj Charles Bates, is a novel approach to coaching, introducing Emergence Intelligence™ alongside the conventions of strategizing and planning.

Emergence Intelligence (EI) is the ability to stay attentive during change.

How the training works

Vonda Vaden Bates delivers the training through biweekly 2-hr online group sessions.

The online sessions are supplemented with individual appointments, off-line practice

and assignments that utilize the content of the online sessions. Participants spend an average of 1hr of study per week in addition to the group session.

A typical session includes:

  1. BulletMeeting with other participants

  2. BulletReflexive Integration™ (practical tool for energizing ideas and momentum)

  3. BulletDiscourse on 1-3 curriculum topics

  4. BulletGroup discussion

  5. BulletPractice exercises

Between sessions, practitioners connect online in a private community space for 1:1 and group exploration. Materials and practices are posted for 24hr access.

Time and place

Winter 2019


dates are scheduled coordination with participants

Participants join by video (preferable) or phone.

The sessions are recorded to cover absences and for you to gain maximum benefit by reviewing the sessions. Rarely, sessions may be pre-recorded due to the facilitator’s travel and work engagements.


This training introduces a pricing model that helps participants to apply out in the world what they are learning in the training. A portion of the cost is satisfied by working on a 10th Dot assignment, with a minimum of two hours per month required. Participant engagement with the assignment is an essential part of practicing what is learned in an environment that prioritizes wholeness alongside accomplishment. There are two options, with some customization possible:

Option A (less cash, more time) - $800 and 5 hrs per month (for 7 months)

Option B (more cash, less time) - $1,500 and 2 hrs per month (for 7 months)

In this model, all work is valued equally. This approach deviates from the typical pay grade model and values each participant contribution equally, regardless of the service provided. There are a wide variety of ways that time is focused toward 10th Dot endeavors. Past participants have delivered creative, strategic,

administrative and research services, to name a few options.

Who's involved

This training is adapted from the late Yogiraj Charles Bates' signature leadership programs. Many of the methodologies he was developing at the time of his death, some of which were never publicly offered, are taught in this training.

Vonda Vaden Bates delivers this training. She is the preceptor for Yogiraj Charles Bates' legacy contributions through 10th Dot. She has coached for more than 25 years and provided over 5,000 hours of coaching within a wide range of organizations and with individuals seeking professional and personal coaching.

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Your Shadow can lead the way to great coaching

What graduates say

“As my coach, Vonda Vaden has been an exceptional listener and mirror, helping me through several daunting life transitions. Her wisdom and insights come from love, not ego.

As a member of her recent 10th Dot Reflexive Integration course, I appreciated her ability to be present for each of the participants while delivering the course material. Her way of bringing forth the wisdom of Yogiraj Charles Bates enlivens my heart, my mind and my spirit.

I am eager to continue in the Coaching Training Program. My client management has improved significantly while working with her, and I know that I will continue to grow through my participation.”  ~ Leo Zimmerman

The Curriculum

This 10th Dot training combines ancient and modern modalities to offer a unique and empowering range of tools and practices. Three fields of study are highlighted and processed during the training: personal development tools, yogic practices, and

coaching skills.

Curriculum descriptions can be found here.

The personal and professional development tools include:

The Platinum Approach

WAIIT (Where Am I In This)

Projection, Reflexive Integration

Pigs Eat Wolves; Going Into Partnership with your Dark Side

The yogic practices include:

Dhyana (meditation)

Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)

Yama (commitments)

Niyama (observances)

Pranayama (breathing techniques)

Klesha (sources of pain)

The coaching skills include:

We Can Relate

Gestalt Cycle of Experience

Cycle Time as a Measurement of Change

Unit of Work

Levels of System

Trust Pyramid

360º of Integrity

As participants practice with these approaches and tools, they develop facility, see personal growth and more effective contribution to others. Monitored practicum is included in the last phases of the training. Personal 1:1 guidance is also available as needed.

Training Dates:

March 2019 to November 2019

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Who attends

Managers, mentors, coaches and people developing their leadership.